What is GraphComment and How Does it Works

In the era of internet, social networks and mass communication, we all need a bit of help in finding the right, most relevant conversation to us. So, what is GraphComment and how does it work in all that online noise?

Lets say that GraphComment is an inovative way of organizing comments on your blog or website, a universal plugin with which you can easily follow all the relevant discussions. How? By combinating innovative interface composed by a dynamic thread in real time (Bubble Flow) and relevant algorythm which sorts comments of discussions and reduce all that trolling and spamming out there (Bubble Rank).
More than just commenting, GraphComment is your tool for sparking conversation, it’s like switching over 3D of discussions. With its help, you are doing more than just tracking comments, you are making your own community, getting to know them better thanks to advanced analytics, which gives you a way to now what kind of content works best and in wnat way you can do and be better in providing relevant information to your community.

How does GraphComment works?

Whether you’re on WordPress or Tumblr, or any other website or blog platform, GraphComment is easy to install and use. Simply by signing up with your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or email account, you get your own account where you put in basic website details and choose:
– universal code
– WordPress plugin or
– Tumblr code
what-is-graphcomment-and-how-does-it-works-v2Once you’ve done that, you will be able to moderate, track and analyze all discussions within your one or more websites. And not only that, with GraphComment and it’s system for voting and sharing comments or even complete threads, you are boosting your community e-reputation as well as interaction on your website.
We hope that this little introduction made you wanna know more about GraphComment and its benefits. Come and visit our website and FAQ page for more info or send us a message, we’d like to hear from you 🙂