4 must have plugins for Publishers

Although there are tons of useful plugins for publishers, bloggers, website owners, these are some of the basic plugins that every website, really, can not do without. So, whether you are a publisher, business owner, blogger or just starting your online content journey, this is the article for you. Read on about our list of 4 must have plugins for Publishers.


SEO by Yoast

You might have heard of it, SEO by Yoast is only the most complete WordPress SEO plugin nowdays. With it, you can do basically everything you need – from SEO point of view – even if you’re a beginner! How, you ask? Simply, by following steps that are explained very well and in simple, meaningful way. Keyword density, alt attributes, page title lenghth, article length, meta descriptions, subheadings and all other SEO essentials you can set up, reshape and make the most of it thanks to this useful plugin. In order to have quality and more visible texts, SEO by Yoast is a must have plugin.


When you are in publishing business, one of the main things you need to do is to make your website safe and secure and by that we mean secure from spam. Akismet is a great plugin tool that filters all the spammy comments, you know, the ones that sell miracle medicines, inform you about long lost relative and his wish to send you money and all sorts of similar spam junk. Without it, all of this is something you need to do manualy, which is very time consuming and distracting. So, yes, install Akismet and spend your time in more productive way.



Of course, in order to be succesfull publisher one, besides great secure website and spectacular content, needs to have reliable and comment system. Although WordPress has it’s own comment platform, it’s very basic, with the lack of few essential upgrades that GraphComment, on the other hand, has. Now, why GraphComment and not some other comment system/plugin? Well, GraphComment organizes discussions, making them more meaningful and valuable. No more messy comments without any order, with it, your readers can now easily follow any relevant discussion. Also, you can import any old comments from WP database and vise versa, if you want it. It increases user engagement, sparks conversation and brings out the most of your content.

Contact Form 7

One of the best, versatile and most complete contact form plugins, Contact Form 7 provide you with all the forms and mail contents you need to have. And not only that, Contact Form 7 supports Ayax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet, file uploading and more. With it, you can have a reliable contact form on your website, send tons of emails on a daily basis, create custom event messages.

Have you tried them and what are some of yours experiences about these plugins? Do you have pros and cons about them – let us know in our comments section.