5 ways to make better website engagement

Need to make better website engagement? Here’s 5 ways you can use to boost interaction with your visitors and make better connection with them.


  1. Content

Content can make or break your website engagement, which is why it needs to spark interest, bring value to the visitors, make them come for more and involve them in the making process – whether by asking the right questions or giving them an option to contribute in some topics you cover. The key to a great content is to bring attention, visibility and more people right where you want them and in order to do so, everything you produce needs to be of highest quality and value – for them. Give to get is the policy.

  1. Audience

You can be the best copywriter, Social Media manager, business owner good with words, and you can make great, one of a kind content, but… What good of it if you don’t know who you’re talking to or have the wrong audience? Who are the people you want to interact with, who is your buyer persona or target group? These are the questions you need to answer in order for your content to have meaning, bring success and more engagement to your website.


  1. Inbound linking

You know when Tom Cruise tells Cuba Gooding Jr. “Help me help you“? Well, inbound linking is just that – helping visitors get the right information quick, saving them from searching and clicking to many times. Whenever you write or produce any type of content, make sure you have every relevant information linked within that content, so that people can easily crossover from one thing to another. Don’t make their user experience hard because you’ll lose them; instead, help them and they will follow, you know what I mean? ­čśë


Whether it’s a debate, controversial topic, a case study or exclusive news, people love to make comments and interact. More often, because it is internet – after all – trolls will emerge and perhaps hijack the discussion, making you and your website look bad, unprofessional, untrusted. All the reasons for you to have good, solid, safe comment platform which will help you engage your community in secure and more meaningful way. With GraphComment, our innovative comment system, you will not only spark better website engagement in secure environment, but get the best of your discussions and community, too. Try it out and see for yourself.

  1. Analytics

In order to track and measure your overall success (or lack of it) regarding website and targeted goals, you need a good analytic solution, which will help you not only to understand the efforts, but to see if your plan is working and bringing value, or not. By using analytics, you will go beyond tracking visitors, demographic and pageviews, but will also get to know what is of most interest to them, how long they’re staying on your website, where they go afterwards, and much more. Think of analytics as your sidekick who helps you create better strategy and content plan for your visitors and customers.


In summary: there is no one-solution-fits-all recipe, but you can have better website engagement over time if you follow these 5 basics ways that help boost interaction and bring more relevant visitors over time.

Is there more ways you would include in this list? Leave us a comment and let us know.