How Can GraphComment Improve Community Engagement

By now, you are familiar with our work, but if you still wonder how can GraphComment improve your community engagement, here are some more clues.

Looking at the overall online communication and comments, we found one common thing: lack of understanding the flow of discussion. GraphComment is all about driving more meaningful debates, improving community interaction and engagement and overall experience of its users – your visitors and readers.
Our comment system can help you organize discussion in the way that is easy to track it, meaning no more disorganized piles of answers on several pages; every comment and its reply is on its own flow thanks to Bubble Flow.
how can graphcomment improve community engagement
Another feature – Bubble Rank is sorting those comments and replies by relevancy, making conversation more valuable while , at the same time, is reducing troll and spam.
By using GraphComment, you are also building a community of your own: every visitor creates its own mini profile and can be followed and interacted by others visitors.

GraphComment is a great system that supports online debate, boosts community engagement, improves conversation and gives your online presence more value. Try us out and let us know what you think.