Benefits of using GraphComment

Whether you are a blogger, online media, a company, developer or an Agency, using GraphComment will help you in making online discussions more clear and self-organized. How, you may ask? Well, read on.

7 benefits of using GraphComment
  1. No more clutter or disorganized one way communication.
By inventing Bubble Flow, an unique graphical interface element, you can now easily read and write comments in more pleasant way and follow relevant discussions in real time.
  1. No more spamming and trolling
Thanks to the Bubble Rank, also one of our inventions, an algorithm which sort comments by relevance and reputation of the visitor (which they get from voting), you now get to reduce trolling and spamming on your website and/or blog.
  1. Easy installation
Simply by putting the universal code or activating WP plugin, you can put GraphComment on all website platforms and use it without slowing your site from then and there.
  1. SEO friendly
Knowing that comment box on a site increases the time users spend on it, we’ve putted in place everything necessary for comments to be indexable by search engines, through the user page of each member. And not only that, your editors can select a discussion, name it and create a linked title head, sharing it on social network for more engagement.
  1. Easy administration
Once installed, GraphComment makes you administrate comments in more meaningful and pleasant way.  Entering the admin panel, you can moderate comments, set up rules, get to know your visitors better and much more. By installing our product, you get more than your ordinary comment plugin – you get the next generation reliable and safe forum software
  1. Analytics data
With GraphComment, you’ll be getting a powerful CRM & Analytics dashboard to manage your community and identify your influensers, ambassadors as well as detractors.
  1. Secured data
As we stated on the website, our system is based on dedicated servers in France. Your data is protected and will be always yours. You own your own data and can easily retrieve all comments data at any time.

Have we made you interested in GraphComment? Come and test it on your website or contact us for more details. And, did we mention that it’s free of charge with Personal plan?